Here are some ideas I put together for a friend. It’s based on my diagram of the elements of product design.

Solution Space > Surface

Solution Space > Interaction

  • Discipline: Usability and Usability Testing
  • Book: Don’t Make Me Think - Steve Krug
  • Book: Rocket Surgery Made Easy - Steve Krug
  • Discipline: Interaction Design — the patterns depend a bit on platform - web or native and mobile or desktop, learn the patterns for one inside out
  • Discipline: service design
  • Idea: pay attention to the apps you use - watch other people use apps, observe their struggles and try to explain why

Solution Space > Conceptual modelling

Learn about information architecture. If you have an engineering background you’ll have a advantage here already having to think in terms of data models: objects and relationships.

Solution Space > Product and service strategy

Learn how to decide where to intervene in the experience, what goals to set, and how to prioritise.

Problem Space