Case Study
Visual Design

Visual design challenges

In my day job I don’t always get to work on visually-creative projects. Here are some responses to design challenges I did with friends online in the Designer Hangout slack group. Some had constraints like you must use a certain colour or cannot use imagery etc.

A covid information poster

A covid information poster, using provided copy. Must use only use these three colours: Black, white, and hot pink (#FF0099). No imagery allowed. I chose the IBM Plex type family: Serif, Sans, and Mono

A NHS organ donation website design

A design for an NHS organ donation web page, using provided copy. Must only use these four colours: Black, white, #003AFF, and #FFC500. I used Gilroy for the headings and Work Sans for the body.

A style tile

A "style tile" for a children's entertainment brand. The display face is Rubik Mono One and the body is Inter Medium.

A blog post

A pricing page using provided content. The first price option must be emphasised in some way. I used Inter Display for the large text and Inter Extra Bold for headings, and Inter Regular for the body text.

A blog post

A blog post, using provided content. Not allowed to use imagery in any way. Set in Alegreya for the author's voice, and Inter for utility text.

A checkout flow

Part of a checkout flow, using provided content. Must use this leafy green #00B84A somewhere. No imagery except the provided product image. The type is Mulish Regular and Black.